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About Us

Abzi Exir Kowsar Co.
Abzi Exir Kowsar (registered company No.92826, Tehran, Iran) is focused on largescale freshwater aquaculture (rainbow trout, Asian carps and sturgeons) over Iran. The group of company will use innovative cultural systems (indoor and outdoor) to create successful models and systems with efficient and sustainable production of aquatic animals. We serve clients in the aquaculture Industry by: Breeding, rearing, Fish health management, Fishery and Fish processing. It is one of our purposes to cooperate with the foreign aquaculture companies and designed a business agreement to order rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) eyed eggs which are free from viral and bacterial diseases, constantly.
Initial investment of the company by the end of 2018 is about 4 million USD without the use of banking and governmental facilities This company has employed 150 persons directly and 300 persons indirectly